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What We Do

Positive Plus Dog Training is based in East Grinstead, UK and is owned and run by trainer Martin Briggs (ADTB). Martin is passionate about helping people solve their dog’s unwanted behaviour problems and teaching people how to get the best out of their dog.

Does Your Dog Have Any Of These Problem Behaviours?

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping up at people
  • Chewing furniture, shoes, bedding etc
  • Eliminating in the home
  • Guarding food, toys, possessions
  • Barking/lunging at other dogs on their walk
  • Ignoring commands
  • Not coming back when called
  • Barking constantly
  • Separation anxiety
  • OCD behaviours
  • Needs puppy training


Here at Positive Plus Dog Training wprovide the very best in basic/advanced obedience training as well as troubleshooting and reshaping problem behaviours, all within a friendly & relaxed environment. As a member of the Association Of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) we adhere to the internationally recognised LIMA protocol (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive), which we use in conjunction with the Humane Hierarchy. The APDT position statements can be found on their website here. We also have enhanced DBS clearance.

Our Methods

We only use the latest scientifically supported, modern training techniques. In addition to the obedience training, we will teach you how to correctly read your dog’s body language, what you should be doing to communicate effectively with your dog and how diet can affect behaviour. We will also show you how to satisfy your dog’s genetic, breed specific instincts, as this should play a major role in any training and/or behaviour modification (but is often misunderstood or even completely overlooked). It is this holistic approach that allows us to teach you to get the best from your dog, by improving the relationship you have with them. We are experts at reading dog body language and will never overwork your dog – all of our dogs remain playful, have a wagging tail and get excited to see us!

Whilst mild behavioural issues can usually be addressed as we go along, severe behavioural issues will normally require a short-term management plan, to cover the interim, whilst we address the owner-dog relationship and complete the obedience programme. This is because we believe that a trusting relationship and reliable obedience (which gives you the ability to ask for a preferred behaviour) is key to reducing stress and confusion whilst reshaping/modifying your dog’s behaviour.

Great Support & Knowledge

After re-homing a 5 month delightful Cocker Spaniel we contacted Martin to help and support us with a few issues that she came with. Martins vast knowledge and insight was a great help to us and even after a couple of sessions we can see a great benefit to her behaviour and she certainly is turning into a well behaved and balanced puppy. Thank you Martin for all your help and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, or call you up in future!

Joanna Morfield


A Godsend

Last year we met our little boy Freddie, our border terrier. He is very excitable and when he was nearly a year old we decided he needed training. After a lot of research we decided to go with Martin. After our 12 week programme with Martin we can honestly say we have a different dog. He obeys and understands all commands taught by Martin and responds very well. Martin is very calm, reassuring and professional. We cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Martin,”

Treacy Farr

Shipley Bridge

Incredible Results

I asked for Martin's help with our 4 year old Springer who, though generally well behaved and well trained in field work, had some issues at home with guarding which were becoming more pronounced. From our initial meeting, Martin's philosophy and training methods made total sense to me and the results were amazing. We concentrated on basic obedience training in the first sessions which had such a dramatic effect that when we got to addressing the guarding issues (which I had been dreading) they seemed largely to have disappeared! Martin gave me the skills and confidence to continue with the training once our sessions had finished and we have a much happier and more relaxed dog as a result (which is also evident in his field work and when out on walks). If any issues do now arise, which is very rare, I know which methods to use to successfully address them. I really can't recommend Martin enough and I should also mention that the training sessions are really fun for the dog and hugely rewarding for the owner!

Gaby Seymour