Clapper Board

Pictures and video of clients, their dogs, and lessons.

Some are the finished product, others just clips of lessons in progress.

Nothing To See Here!  Just a dog (who used to chase everything) pottering about around deer and geese. Do you have the same problem?

Harley working on some basic recall. More to follow as she progresses…

Mabel living her best life 🙂

Sunbathing in February! 

Emily, Anthony & Nala

Harley practising Heel with some mild distraction. This is usable ‘street’ Heel (not competition style Heel) and requires focus on the handler, not just a Heel position.

Albert – 7 month GSD practising impulse control (Sit & Out) within a game of tug. He already knows a command/cue structure and that gentle lead pressure is the result of not performing his Sit or Out, and that it can be completely avoided. The reward is the continuation of the game and the sooner he does his Sit or Out the sooner he can get back to playing.

Michaela, Richard & Cooper

Mabel looking cute!

Albert relaxing!