Does your dog ignore you when you call them?

Is your dog a liability off-lead?

Wouldn’t you like to feel you could trust them to come-when-called?

Don’t worry!  We’re here to help 🙂

Sign up to our Total Recall program and start teaching your dog to reliably return to you every time.

Superb Training

... We subsequently went on to train recall because my dog would ignore me around distractions and had even run off to chase deer. Wow! What a difference! I can now walk her and call her back whenever I want, and to boot, Martin even showed me how to train her to ignore deer (and other animals) anyway. I can’t stress enough that if you follow Martin’s techniques and persevere with the training you will see a remarkable difference in your dog’s behaviour. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.



Total Recall (come-when-called)

Want a dog you can let off-lead whilst feeling comfortable they will return to you when you call them?

Go for long walks feeling assured that your dog will recall around high level distractions.

A reliable recall doesn’t come easily though, which is why our Total Recall program is specifically designed to be taught over 5 months, to lead you through every step of the process, and afford your dog the time necessary to improve.

SPOILER ALERT: be advised you will be required to train DAILY for the 5 months. A solid recall has to be earned – there are no quick fixes! Can you handle it??!!  🙂  Get in touch

Price: 5 x 1.5hr sessions & weekly video calls – £390.00

All our training is one-to-one because individual, tailored lessons are the fastest and easiest way to start seeing results.