Dog Training Classes & Private Lessons

Whether you need puppy training, adult dog obedience training, behaviour modification or just maintenance training, we can help.

Here at Positive Plus, we initially offer only private lessons as it allows us to provide better quality training, after which you can take what you’ve learned and apply it in one of our classes. Private dog training is the ultimate way to get personalised dog training and behaviour help in the comfort of your own home. One-to-one lessons are the fastest and easiest way to start seeing results, whilst making sure the training is making sense and getting you the results you need.

1-2-1 lessons are the fastest and easiest way to start seeing results.

We offer an initial 1.5 hour consultation, during which we will discuss your requirements in detail, therefore allowing us to develop a bespoke training package designed around your specific needs. 

Your first step is to contact us to book a lesson. You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn!

Transformative Training

We took on a 1-year old rescue collie who arrived scared and anxious and was our first family dog. Martin did an amazing job training us to train Kia and that is his focus and it works. He is full of excellent advice, keeps it simple and constantly reassures. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions we had with Martin and it has allowed us all to relax, be confident and for Kia to become an integral part of our family unit. You even get some great stories about musical theatre if you ask - thanks Martin!

Leanne & Nathan


Is your dog a safe and reliable dog that is a joy to live with?

If not, we’d love to help. Get in touch.

The Perfect Puppy

Set your puppy up for success from the off and make raising your puppy fun!

Learn about introducing your new puppy to the household, housetraining (including toilet training), biting and mouthing, teaching basic commands, walking on a loose lead and the importance of correct socialisation to create a happy, confident adult dog that loves to listen to you!

This ‘All-You-Need-To-Know’ session can be booked as one complete session (with your puppy) or as two 1 hour sessions – the first shortly before your puppy arrives to enable you to hit the ground running, and the second shortly after so you can learn how to teach the basics of obedience and manners.

A follow-on Puppy Basic Obedience course is also available if desired. (Can also be booked separately)



  • 2hr ‘All-You-Need-To-Know’ Session (house/toilet-training, mouthing, jumping, socialisation, lead-walking etc.) – £80.00
  • 3 x 1hr Puppy Basic Obedience Course – £135.00

Group puppy classes can be a very distracting environment for your puppy to learn so we find it more effective to teach puppies and owners on a 1-to-1 basis, after which they can take what they’ve learnt and apply it more successfully. Obviously you also get our full attention (as opposed to a class), sessions are booked to suit your schedule, and you easily can ask any questions that arise etc.

Please also be aware that teaching a puppy commands/cues has absolutely nothing to do with whether they can perform them reliably, around distractions. This reliability must be layered on top, and is the primary benefit of 1-to-1 lessons. You will rarely learn the intricacies to a sufficient standard in a class environment.

The Well-Mannered Family Dog

You want a dog that is a delight to live with, walks nicely on-lead and makes you proud.

We can help you teach good manners whilst solving problem behaviours, so you can have the dog you always dreamed of – a polite, friendly dog that happily listens to you.

Price: Tailored to your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

The Rescue Dog

So you have a new rescue dog.

We can teach you how best to settle them in and make them feel secure and/or show you how to deal with any problem behaviours or obedience training they require, so that they can be the best dog they can be.

Price: Tailored to your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

Total Recall (come when called)

Want a dog you can let off-lead whilst feeling comfortable they will return to you when you call them?

Go for long walks feeling assured that your dog will recall around high level distractions.

A reliable recall doesn’t come easily though, which is why our Total Recall program is specifically designed to be taught over 5 months, to lead you through every step of the process, and afford your dog the time necessary to improve.

SPOILER ALERT: be advised you will be required to train DAILY for the 5 months. A solid recall has to be earned – there are no quick fixes! Can you handle it??!!  🙂  Get in touch

Price: 5 x 1.5hr sessions & weekly video calls – £390.00

Obedience Training Package

Want a dog you can rely on?

Our obedience package will show you how to teach your dog reliable obedience, even around the biggest distractions.

The Obedience Package Includes:

  • Attention to name
  • Lead manners (walking on a loose lead)
  • ‘Climb’ (stay on objects)
  • ‘Sit/stay’
  • ‘Down/stay’
  • Extended ‘Down/stay’ with distractions
  • ‘Come’ with distractions
  • Go to ‘Place’ mat (or bed) and stay
  • ‘Heel’ on-lead with distractions
  • ‘Heel’ off-lead with distractions
  • ‘Leave it’ – disengage from object, animal or person
  • ‘Out’ – release object/toy from mouth
  • ‘Off’ – get off of object
  • ‘Free’ – release from all commands


Stage 1:  6 x 1.5hr sessions – £390.00 (includes all basic commands & ‘Marker Training’ fundamentals)

Stage 2:  6 x 1.5hr sessions – £390.00 (adds on-lead reliability around high-level distractions)

Stage 3:  8 x 1.5hr sessions – £520.00 (adds off-lead reliability around high-level distractions)

Please see our Dog Training page for a more detailed description of stages 1, 2 & 3.

Problem Behaviours Solved

Does your dog jump on guests? Lunge or bark at other dogs? We can show you how to solve unwanted behaviours and prevent new ones arising.  Just give us a call.

Common problems we regularly see and can help with include:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping up
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging up the garden
  • Chewing furniture
  • Excessive paw licking
  • Separation related disorders
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Begging
  • Chasing
  • Biting

Price: Tailored to your needs. Please contact us with your requirements