A quick page listing training gear I use or recommend.


Martingale (1/2 Check) Collar. I recommend buying one from Goughs Pet Store (Railway Approach, East Grinstead) as they have a buckle and are easy to take on/off. Alternatively, you can also find leather Martingales (with buckle) online or adjustable martingales on Amazon, however, they have quick release/clunk clips. Personally, I prefer not to use those in case they snap open.

I.D. Tag. You can get these from many websites or pet shops but try to make sure they are ‘deep engraved’ or the text is coloured. The light engraved text on many tags tends to wear off.

Tip: use 2 rings to secure it to the collar.

Rubberised 6ft/200cm Lead. The Herm Sprenger lead is available from Scroll down until you see Herm Sprenger Rubberised Nylon Long Lead and choose the 200cm option.

The Julius K9 lead  is available on Amazon JuliusK9Amazon. Just select 20mm x 1.8m (or 2m) and choose your colour. If you have a smaller dog you may prefer the 14mm version.

Leather Lead. These are available from Von Wolf in Smallfield. The leather is super soft and they will post it if you don’t want to go to Smallfield.

You can get the 20mm version here.

And the 15mm version here.

Tug Toys. I usually use French Linen 2ft tugs (either approx 3″ or 6″ wide). These are available from VonWolfTugs or or other stores online. I usually use the 50cm x 5cm French Linen tug from You can also get smaller tugs and tugs made from different materials. has some but not such an extensive collection as Von Wolf or ForDogTrainers.

Kong Chew Toy. Normally cheaper online but check sizes in a pet shop to see what you prefer, as what Kong call ‘large’ is not what I would call large (they also do XL and XXL). 

Spring Loaded Treat Pouch. About £8 on eBay. Also available on Amazon but delivered from China I believe i.e. slow delivery